Grievance Management

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The grievance redressal procedure is a device by which grievances are settled, generally to the satisfaction of the trade union or employees and the management. The effective grievance handling procedure is essential as most grievances seriously disturb the employees’ morale, productivity and their willingness to cooperate with the organization. Thus it is an important part of labour relations.

The grievance machinery enables a management to detect any defects or flaws in the working conditions or in labour relations, and undertake suitable corrective measures. If good morale or code of conduct is to be maintained, it is essential that the grievance procedure is worked honestly and without prejudice, failing which there is likely to be an explosion, and production schedules would be shattered and the morale of the employees would be irretrievably impaired.

This study necessitates finding out the competence level of the grievance handling mechanism, as handling grievances is an important part to reinforce good labour relations.

The study acts as a channel or avenue by which the company may get to know about the employees’ satisfaction in relation to the prevailing grievance procedure.

The main intension of this study is to provide fair and equitable processes which enable employee concerns to be addressed as quickly as possible.

Emergence of grievance is a natural outcome of interaction among people whether in the organizational context or in other context. In the organizational settings, employees may have some grievances against employers; in the same way, employers may have grievance against employees. Grievance is a state of dissatisfaction over some issues related to employment. Generally, expression of this dissatisfaction in oral form is known as complaint while in written form, it is known as grievance. This is latter form of expression of dissatisfaction which requires redressal. For example, Michael Jucius has defined grievance as follows:

“A grievance is any discontent or dissatisfaction, whether expressed or not, whether valid or not, arising out of anything connected with the company which an employee thinks, believes or even feels to be unfair, unjust, or inequitable”.

National commission on labor (India) has taken the view that: Complaints affecting one or more individual workers in respect of wage payments, overtime, leave, transfer, promotion, seniority, work assignment and other discharges constitute grievances”. Based on the above definition, we may derive that:

1. Grievance is a feeling of an employee that an injustice has been done to him. 2. The feeling may be unvoiced or expressly stated by the employee; may be valid and legitimate, or untrue; and may arise out of something connected with the work or the organization.

When employees have grievances and these are not redressed properly, these result in to frustration, discontent, and indifference to work, poor morale, and low productivity. Accumulated grievances among employees may lead to turmoil in the organization.

Causes Of Grievances

In an organization, there may be a number of factors, significant or insignificant, which may cause grievance, for example, Calhoon has observed that:

“Grievances exist in the minds of individuals, are produced and dissipated by situations, are fostered or healed by group pressures, are adjusted or made worse by supervisors, and are nourished or dissolved by the climate in the organization which is affected by all the above factors and by the management”.

The above statement shows that the grievances may emerge at any level of the organization and by any factor in the organization:

1 Wages and Working Conditions.
2 Supervisors.
3 Management Policy and Practices.
4 Employee’s Own Maladjustment.
5 Difference of Opinion.
6 Status of Trade Union.
7 Doubts and Fears.
In each category, the factors responsible may be as...
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