Health and Social Care Level 3

Topics: Employment, Discrimination, Care Quality Commission Pages: 5 (1488 words) Published: June 6, 2012
Claire Lewis
Understand employment responsibilities and rights
in health,social care

Task B: Your role
Bi. Describle the terms and conditions of your employment as set out in your contract of employment or employment agreement The terms and conditions of your employment are a statement and instruction of what the employer's expect of their staff and your job description. Employer's expect their staff to read and follow the policy and procedures that the home have. to attend all training and update they have and to attend supervision and any obserations. Bii. Describe the information which needs to be shown on your pay slip/statement. ·Company name

·Employee's name
·Tax code
·Payment period
·Payment method
·Employee number
·Nett pay
·Wk/MTH (32)

Identify two changes to personal information which you must report to your employer. ·Change of address
·Change in marital status
·Change of next of kin

Biv. Describe the procedure to follow if you want to raise a grievance at work you may describe this in writing or produce a flow chart or diagram The grievance should be raised verbally with your immediate superior. This should be done in confidence giving full detials and sufficient time to consider the facts of the case and where appropriate take remedical action. should your immediate superior not be able to satisfactorily resolve the grievance, the matter should be referred either verablly or in writing to the home owner whose decision will be final An employee is entitled to have another present at any stage of the procedure Bv. Explain the agreed ways of working with your employer in relation to the following areas: 1. Data protection

It is agreed no data is to be passed on to anyone without clients or next of kin consent and data about the clients or employees is not to be passed on or leave the premises, without premission of the home manager 2. Grievance

Grievance are to be raised verablly with the manager make a record of the complaint. If the matter is not resolved satisfactorily then it should be referred in writing or verablly to the home owner. 3. Conflict with managerment

Conflict with managerment should be raised with the owner of the home the issue should be raised verablly or in writing as soon as possible, this should be done in confidence giving full details in full of the conflict and time to consider all the facts. If the conflict is not raised as soon as possible it can have a knock on effect which can cause problems with in the home, which could mean that the staff could not work effectively as a team, which then could cause resident to suffer from a number of factors for example not enough staff being in or the staff not commucating and working together which could lead to neglect and abuse 4. Anti-discriminatory practice

Under the equality act 2010 which has consolidated, numerous ACT's and regulations. Equal pay ACT 1970, the sex discrimination ACT 1975, race relations ACT 1976 and the disability discrimation ACT 1995, any employers or employees can not discriminate against age, disability, gender reassigment, marriage and civil partership, race, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation. If discrimation is to be found in the work place. It is classed as misconduct which will lead to a disaciplary and even being fired from your work position. 5. Health and safety

We have set procedures to follow regrauding health and safety. To establish and maintian a safe and healthy enviroment throughout the home. To maintain safe working procedures among staff and residents to ensure safety and obsence of risk to health in connection with the use, handling storage and transport of articles and substances. to have access to information, instruction and supervision to enable all employees and residents to avoid hazards and contribute to their health and saftey to provided access to health and safety training. 6. Confidentiality

Disclose such information to...
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