Greggs Background

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  • Published : March 24, 2011
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← Shop manager - £ 19,120 Managing sales, making sure company policies are followed, customer satisfaction.

← Assistant manager - £ 16,505 Customer satisfaction, supervising senior team members and team members, keeping track of demand of products

← Senior team member - £ 6.79 pr hour Supervising team members, baking, customer interaction, opening and closing

← Team member - £ 6.38 pr hour Maintaining hygienic environment, production, customer interaction, stocking.

← Team member under 18 - £ 5.43 pr hour.


Fayol’s principles for gregg’s

➢ Greggs are following Hierarchical Structure according to Fayol’s (1916) principles of management.

➢ By the look of Gregg’s organizational structure, we can easily make out that the work is being divided into a hierachial order with unity of command and direction, scale of chain and renumeration of person.

➢ Plan to open 600 + stores, which tells us they are doing thorough planning and forecasting.

➢ Initiative & Espirit de Corps –Employee opinion survey to make a healthier work environment and strong work culture


Taylor’s principles for gregg’s

← According to Taylor (1911), the needs of corporation and co-ordination with the workers to ensure that all work is done in accordance to the rules, regulations and principles of the company.

← Example:

1. Company policy is to make fresh and affordable quality bakery foods.

2. Customer Oriented, Making regional dishes to suit customer needs.



Weber’s theory for gregg’s

➢ Clear cut division of labour till some extent

➢ Clear cut hierarchy of authority

➢ Well defined jobs & reponsibilities

➢ Many written rules & procedures

➢ Selection and promotion by competence

➢ Career managers


Hawthrone’s studies for gregg’s

➢ Mass interviewing programme

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