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M4.01: Understanding the management role (Work based assignment)

1. Introduction2

1.1 My Role – Principle Desktop Engineer2

2. Medway Council (Information taken from the council website)2

2.1 The council’s vision3
2.2 Organisational structure4
2.2.1 Functional areas and managerial roles in relation to its purpose5 2.3 Stakeholders and their objectives6

3. The role of management in achieving goals7

3.1 Responsibilities of middle managers8
3.2 Leadership/Management styles9
3.3 To lead or to manage9
Leadership vs. Management10
Managers have subordinates – people who operate at levels below the managers’.10 In summary10
Leadership and Adaptability10

4. Communication and interpersonal relationships11

4.1 Explanation11
4.2 Barriers11

5. Development opportunities12

5.1 Personal style14
5.2 Personal development16

M4.01: Understanding the management role (Work based assignment)

1. Introduction

1.1 My Role – Principle Desktop Engineer

• Medway Council. The council employs around 7,000 people in a wide variety of general and specialist roles. Staff are based in the two main offices: Gun Wharf Chatham Maritime and Civic Centre in Strood. As well as in schools, social services centres and leisure, countryside, heritage and arts centres. • My role within the organisation is Principle Desktop Engineer. I currently have a team of 8 engineers and an apprentice. • The main purpose of the job is to manage the desktop engineer team, providing an effective and efficient desktop service to Medway Council. A full Job description (JDQ) is listed at appendix 1.

2. Medway Council[1]

Medway Council is a unitary council responsible for providing services, including education and social services, in Rochester, Strood, Chatham, Gillingham, Rainham, the nearby rural areas and the Hoo Peninsula. The council also ensures that people comply with regulations, supports business and tourism in Medway and works to include everyone and regenerate the area.

People who need services can find information on our website or at the council’s main offices, the town centre contact points as well as in local papers and radio and in the free magazine for residents, Medway Matters. You can also pay online for many services, including council tax, rent and parking fines and also complain if services are not up to your expectations. Decisions

Decisions about our services are made after asking people for their views about, for example, what core values should underpin decisions and much more. Councillors make decisions about everything from refuse collection to regeneration of the area. It is their job to ensure that services are provided cost effectively, where they are needed and without discrimination. Council meetings are publicised in advance and members of the public are welcome to attend.

Working in partnership with others to tackle problems effectively and campaign is co-ordinated through the Local Strategic Partnership and set out in the community plan. Other examples of partnership working are the Children and Young People's Partnership and Community Safety Partnership (CSP).

As an employer of around 7,000 people, Medway Council offers full and part-time career opportunities.

2.1 The council’s vision

• The Council’s vision for Medway is that Medway will be thriving, confident and healthy, a place where people are proud to live, work and learn. There will be opportunities for everyone to achieve and succeed, and to get the most out of life. We will celebrate the diversity of our communities, tackling disadvantage in all its forms. The local economy will grow an increasing number and range of jobs created by the expansion of existing businesses and the attraction of new ones. With a University for Medway offering opportunities...
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