Tanglewood Case #1

Topics: Management, Goal, Employment Pages: 7 (1668 words) Published: January 27, 2011
Dana Tripp
Tanglewood Stores - Case One – Week 2
HR594 Strategic Staffing, January 2011
Keller Graduate School of Management
Professor Sheri Bias
January 3, 2011


To: Donald Penchiala, Director of Staffing Services
Marilyn Anchley, Vice President of Human Resources

RE: Tanglewood Retail Store – Case #1

Date: January 3, 2010

In this report will be doing a Strategic Staffing Analysis that will focus on the key requirements about acquisition, deployment, and retention of Tanglewoods workforce. The Strategic Staffing that we will be discussing in the report is: Staffing Levels

* Acquire or Develop Talent
* Hire Yourself or Outsource
* External or Internal Hiring
* Core or Flexible Workforce
* Hire or Retain
* National or Global
* Attract or Relocate
* Overstaff or Understaffed
* Short –or Long-Term Focus
Staffing Quality
* Person/Job or Person/Organization Match
* Specific or General KSAOs
* Exceptional or Acceptable Workforce Quality
* Active or Passive Diversity


Tannerwood was originally founded in 1975 by best friends Tanner Emerson and Thurston Wood’s; the original concept was to provide a combination of clothing and camping equipment that they personally designed. The introduction of their unique merchandise included Burford Kitchen which included wood accented rustic, sturdy kitchen utensils, and Wilderness Outfitter clothing and camping goods lines. It was readily accepted by their clients in Spokane Washington. One of the key factors that contributed to their successful expansion was their strategic planning of employee input and contributions. The original name was derived from Tanner Emerson’s first name and Thurston Wood’s last name it was renamed in 1984, and now reflects their well known brand ”Tanglewood”. Tanglewood has expanded from their meager beginning of one store to 12 divisions’ which are located geographically in Eastern Washington (25), Western Washington (25), Northern Oregon (18),Southern Oregon (16), Northern California ( 23), Idaho ( 17), Montana and Wyoming (18), Colorado (23), Utah (19), Nevada (19), New Mexico (198), and Arizona (22) a total of 243 stores. Because of Tanglewood’s rapid growth they have found that their fundamentals that represented the mission and vision of small, personable shopping experience have become compromised. In order to keep up with their competitors Target and Kohl’s they need to take a closer look at their original strategy and develop a consolidated management strategy. The goal is to remain as close to the companies’ original mission and centralize the organizational practice and make improvements on their HR policies and practices. By making these improvements to the staffing strategy and corporate culture so that they can continue to attract a workforce that is committed, qualified and can carry out Tanglewood philosophy in the future. ACQUIRE OR DEVELOP TALENT

Tanglewood is known for their employee input and contributions. Because of the success with promoting from within they should continue to develop talent for positions that has the KSAQs requirements of the job. When faced with critical position that needs to be filled it will be imperative to acquire talent because of urgency in filling key positions. When these situations arise there may be no time to train an employee, and an external employee will be needed that can hit the ground running. HIRE YOURSELF OR OURSOURCE

For existing stores, Tanglewood should take on a development approach. Acquiring from within is always a good way to maintain a productive workforce. Tanglewood should offer open positions to their employees first that are qualified for the position and have the KSAOs (Knowledge, Skill, Ability and Other characteristics) to accomplish the job requirements. If a position cannot be filled from within it is my recommendation to outsource the hiring to an...
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