Tanglewood Case 2

Topics: Management, Markov chain, Store manager Pages: 4 (1006 words) Published: March 14, 2011
Staffing Report One

Table of Contents

1.Forecast of Labor
2.Markov Analysis Information
3.Demographic Categories
4.Promotion Practices
5.Organizational Memo

Forecast of Labor:
MGT Consulting gathered information from the previous year (2010) and used a Markov analysis to generate a plan of action for the employment needs for Tanglewood in 2011. The Washington market is very stable for Tanglewood and we decided that the current workforce will be sufficient for the 2011 forecast. There are 10750 current employees in the Tanglewood stores in this region. The corporate structure within Tanglewood is well known for its advancements of employees throughout the chain of command, so MGT Consulting feels that it is safe to say you will be promoting the close to the same amount as 2010. The 2010 Markov Analysis showed you will have 5732 job positions available for 2011. Tanglewood is going to promote 510 store associates to a shift leader position and will lose 4335. There will be 192 shift leaders promoted to a department manager position and 51 department managers given assistant store manager duties. After a projected 17 store managers will be leaving your firm you will promote 12 assistant managers to the store manager position.

The environmental scans surrounding the Washington area have shown us the labor markets are very soft. The unemployment rates in the area are high and that tells us that it has been difficult for individuals finding jobs. This factor is going to benefit Tanglewood because there should be plenty of qualified candidates available. There has been a large economic boom in the management and professional career fields in the Pacific Northwest so recruitment may be somewhat difficult to find the best of the best.

The gap analysis MGT consulting found after using the Markov information that there will be a need for 5018 external hires needed in 2011. Tanglewood will need to hire 4845 store associates, 42 shift...
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