Tangle Wood Case 1

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Strategic Staffing

Tanglewood Case 1

Company Overview

Tanglewood is a retail chain store focusing on outdoor décor and operating in the middle to upper class consumer market. With an outdoor theme as a distinguishing trademark each store is known to maintain its own concept while still maintaining the company’s mission goals and statement. Originally founded in 1975 the company focused its main business on the west coast regional states. Starting with 10 stores the company quickly expanded to over 243 stores. The company is composed of regional managers who oversee the company’s day to day operations. The company has pressing concerns in the organizations management strategies and is looking to improve the functionality while still keeping the historical view between stores. The company has been advised to slow down, focus on the culture, and consolidate to enhance company quality and quantity strategies. Tanglewood is also advised to focus on the commitment of qualified individuals and improving its ability to compete with stronger competition in the industry. Business strategy and goals.

The company’s business strategy or niche has been an outdoor them while expanding to furniture, clothing, equipment and now they are planning to focus on competitor ideas. These would include food and having its own store products. All mission statements are similar and focus is mainly on providing employees with an open discussion work force. Hiring is done within with no qualifications needed for management and no particular focus on training requirements and employee planning. Westward expansion is keeping the business running but the company can possibly improve sales by expanding to the east. This would enhance sales during different seasons and expand products for those timeframes. The company’s profit and income ratios are ranked 7 in the list of competition. This could be due to limited expansion while other competitors have a lead with expanded variety in products and better sales promotions The company needs to consolidate to fewer stores but expand to a worldwide network. Reinvestment into HR practices could include employee evaluations regularly, increase in pay due to improved performance measures, on the job training required for all employees, and stringent hiring qualifications for positions above regular store employee. Acquire or Develop Talent

At this point tangle wood is acquiring talent from within which is an aspect I would stick to. This concept lets the employees learn to increase his or her skill in the ability to advance in position. Of the ability to acquire the talent is an options but this could promote insecurity in the employees. Since employees all start at the sales person position he or she is already proving dedication to the company. Hence the ability to advance ones career from time spent on the job and training. Hire Yourself or Outsource

Tangle wood is already in the process of hiring outside sources to improve company policies and procedures. The ability to have an organization do the hiring could provide the organization with more time to provide the additional training needed for those who are already hired on permanently. The organization does not hire temporary employees at this time, I would suggest during holiday seasons outsourcing will help maintain the stores clean environment and mission. I would suggest hiring yourself at this time but during slower or maybe holiday seasons outsourcing will help make sure employment laws are followed. External or Internal Hiring

Since the company is not experiencing empty job positions recommendations would be for the company to hire internally. Committed employees are already promoted from within and utilizing the labor market in this fashion. Since the company is planning to consolidate the external hiring will be necessary upon the...
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