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  • Published : September 11, 2011
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Since 1955, McDonalds has been a driving force to make history. The restaurant has served some of the world’s favorite foods. From drive-thru restaurants to college credits from Hamburg U the restaurant continues their journey to create more history. On this journey McDonalds has made strides to provide eco-friendly restaurants that reflect the sustainability goals (, n.d.). In this initiative the restaurant has focused its attention on going “green” which will be discussed in this paper, along with the forces behind these initiatives and any certifications the restaurant has received.

Green Initiatives

McDonald’s has 31,000 restaurants in 118 different countries so to establish one environmental blueprint would not work, thus the efforts have been redirected to try individualized environmental initiatives. There are multiple initiatives across the world McDonald’s has initiated:

• Energy Consumption: In order to reduce the energy consumption of the kitchens McDonald’s is using networking equipment from Echelon Corporations (Environmental Leader, 2007).

• In Pensacola, Florida is digging 55 holes, 350 feet deep to heat and cool the new restaurant with geothermal energy (Environmental Leader, 2007).

• In North Carolina, McDonald’s will have a touch-screen display that will tout the environmental benefits of the building. This LCD touch-screen is an Energy Efficiency Education Dashboard (Environmental Leader, 2009).

• Optimizing oil recycling: Majority of McDonald’s in the U.S. are participating in an oil recycling program, which resulted in about 13,000 pounds of used cooking oil per restaurant every year (, 2010).

• Waste Management: With the help of McEnvi, a proprietary tracking software with filtering options that supports planning and tracking of waste quantities and cost, McDonald’s in Germany is managing waster of its 50 restaurants (, 2010).

• Greener restaurants: In...
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