Topics: Fast casual restaurant, Chipotle Mexican Grill, Fast casual restaurants Pages: 4 (1081 words) Published: March 17, 2013
Case 5-> Chipotle: The Challenges of Integrity
External Assessment
a) General Environment
Due to the fact that Chipotle is worried about providing customers with the best possible ingredients and in the same time, concerned of taking care about environment, animals as well as farmers, which in this case, are the main suppliers, we can encapsulate Chipotle in a Sociocultural segment. Another point that reinforces this statement is related to their employees and the way they benefit them in many different ways because from the beginning, they become part of Chipotle by a trainee program and after that if they show that their store is running in a very positive way, they will promote making possible going up the ladder. They believe and proved that when they promote, the manager will take Chipotle as an owned company and the rate of absenteeism is lower than when they hire managers from outside the company. Although consider a fast-casual restaurant, due to innovations that the creator, Steve Ells put together, I will also suggest to be inside the technological segment. The reasons for this is that he put together the traditional “back-of-the-house kitchen”, so at the same time he was making a new form of enhancing customer experience as well as giving them more control over their orders and at all times watching the food quality available and proving to be more efficiency, so by this way of doing things, he was killing two birds with one stone. As for the general environment, briefly make some comment about the physical segment, and the reason why they received the first platinum certification in the Leadership in Energy and Environmental design ever awarded to a restaurant that was very recently opened, was only possible because they were constructing sustainable restaurants. b) Industry Environment

* Threat of new entrants (high)
Because Chipotle is a well-recognized brand in the fast-casual industry, it is easy for other companies to copy...
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