Green Hr

Topics: Ecological footprint, Carbon dioxide, Emission standard Pages: 1 (318 words) Published: July 23, 2012
Green HR  is one which involves two essential elements: environmentally friendly HR practices and the preservation of knowledge capital.Green HR involves reducing your carbon footprint via less printing of paper, video conferencing and interviews, etc.Companies are quick to layoff when times are tough before realizing the future implications of losing that knowledge capital. Green HR initiatives help companies find alternative ways to cut cost without losing their top talent; furloughs, part time work, etc.

| idea posted by Bhanumathi Sathishkumar HR Professional, SPAN Infotech India Pvt Ltd I feel we need to bring awarness among the employees. For which we need to educate employees and bring ownership among each one of them.  We need to publish about Green HR, tell them the pros and cons of them. | 3| |


by Sonia Simplicia Furtado, HR Executive, Apollo Victor Hospital  | 2 years ago bring Green Hr to the notice of the employees is definately needeed but before that I feel that Practices and Principles need to be first brought to the notice of the Top Level Management. Once they approve of the idea/ they desire to practise Green HR, the idea/concept will automatically transfer to the middle/lower middle level management and thus the concept of Green HR will be implemented. the functioning of the concept will also be smooth as there will be no hurdles tht Green HR will have to face. The HR manager must be aware of the carbon emission by the employees. here they must aware employees about the carbon footprints. the focus should be teaching employees how to reduce their cabon footprints. HR should encourage people to abstain from creation activities like unnecessary print outs, xerox, switching off lights, fans, ACs after office hour etc. The best way to aware employees about GREEN HR is to conduct a research study among them to understabd their knowledge and then thereafter conduct learning prog..
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