Develop Workplace Policy and Procedures for Sustainability

Topics: Sustainability, Sustainable development, Natural capital Pages: 9 (2547 words) Published: May 20, 2013
Develop Workplace Policy & Procedures for Sustainability BSBSUS501A

Table of Contents
PART 3-10 3 Benefits of a Sustainability 4-5 Methods of Consultation/Communication of the 5-6 Set of Procedures that will Ensure Improvement in Resource 6-8 Methods Used to Track & Monitor Continuous 8-9 9 PART2: 10-12 Wollongong City Council Sustainability 10-12 PART3: 13-15 12 Months Progression 13-14 Appendix A: Memo to 15

The challenge of how to pro actively manage the competing pressures on our society, environment and economy need to been recognised by Wollongong City Council (WCC). By recognising that sustainability is about working to balance these sectors for current and future generations, the challenge is now about translating this theory into practice. As now that in this current economic climate is centred heavily around sustainable practises and the impacts on the environment. The policy is the start of a journey for WCC in which it will address this challenge of embedding the consideration of sustainability into all areas of council’s decision making, processes, planning, reporting and its operations. This policy includes three components which are: * Environmental

* Social
* Economic
The significants and main objective of this report is simply to establish ways that will help the WCC implement a sustainability policy. This report will outline the benefits/recommendations of a sustainability policy, indicators of how to best communicate the policy to all stakeholders (internal and external), procedures that will ensure the improvement in resource efficiency, methods that will track and monitor the process of this sustainable policy implementation. Thus this report will outline the importance of a new sustainability policy in which will be the best way to move onward and upward into the future.

Benefits of a Sustainability Policy
Planning and Policy Impact:
A sustainability policy will assist council to comply with the requirements of the Local, State & Federal Governments legislations which requires that councils to have regard to the principles of Ecologically Sustainable Development within all of its Decision-making processes. The policy and its procedures will allow councils to be better equipped for the any proposed changes to in Local Government Planning and change of Legislation currently being drafted. This also aims to strengthen strategic focus, planning and reporting processes for councils. The policy will be aligned with the proposed mandatory themes of social, environmental, economic and governance. Also without a change to better sustainable practises the WCC will be at risk of losing benefits from the state government. Currently the state government is requiring institutional change of its grant recipients and it is unlikely that the WCC will continue to receive such grants if it does not change to a more sustainable means to meet this requirement. Ecological Sustainability:

The development and implementation of the...
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