Geography: Sydney

Topics: Pollution, Environmentalism, Environment Pages: 3 (881 words) Published: October 9, 2010
It is evident that Sydney as a large city in the developed world, is influenced by a myriad of urban dynamics, which will inevitably shape its economic character for the future. Sydney as an emerging world city faces significant issues, such as accommodating future growth, protecting the amenity of the biophysical and built environments, addressing traffic congestion, maintaining air and water quality and disposing of solid and toxic wastes.. Managing the relationship between urbanisation, quality of life and environmental quality requires carefully devised and implemented planning strategies. This will ensure that Sydney maintains its stance as a vibrant and desirable city of international relevance and the quality of live of its inhabitants can be improved.

A significant future challenge for Sydney is accommodating its growing population. Sydney’s population will continue to grow at an annual rate exceeding 60,000 people for the foreseeable future. This rate of growth is considered unsustainable. With Australia seen as a favourable living location, new immigrants represent such a large proportion of the cities annual population. As a result the government as called for the implementation of an immigration program, in order to control increasing numbers or move migrants into regional areas. 30% of the population growth will be accommodated within the boundaries of the existing metropolitan area via the process of urban consolidation and infilling, with most settling in new suburbs around the outskirts. Foe example the North sector from Parklea onwards is expected to house 100,000 people by 2011.

The protection of Sydney’s biophysical and built amenities is also a significant challenge for the future. Sydney’s unique architecture, heritage and physical setting all contribute to the city’s unique “culture of place”. Protecting the biophysical environment includes the protection of parks and bush lands such as Bicentennial Park and the Royal Botanical...
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