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GREEN Human Resources Management

To Professor:

Ghada Imad


Hani Abdul Baki

January 2012


Introduction| 3|
What is GREEN HR| 3|
Green HRM helps in many activities| 4|
HR role in Greening| 5|
Green Recruiting & Selection| 6|
Green training and learning| 7|
Performance Management| 10|
Rewards| 10|
How to Create a Sustainable … Green … HR Functions| 10| Essential Greening Activities For HR | 12|
Examples of proud companies| 14|
The various green programs| 15|
Conclusion| 15|
References| 15|
| |
| |

I. Introduction:
Across the globe, we are moving from an industrial-based financial system to a talent based economy. We are also entering a green economy one in which consumer and employee expectations and future environmental change will require businesses to address “green” issues. Environmentally conscious organizations will become increasingly prominent as we re-enter into a period of growth. While CO2 growth may have stabilized during the recession, it is destined to increase again as businesses increase production and other business activities. In addition, during the recession, the main environmental focus of many businesses was placed on reducing wasteand optimizing resources.  A renewed focus on growth provides unique opportunities for businesses to become green by looking at ways to create new environmental DNA while producing operational savings by reducing their carbon footprint. II. What is Green HR?

 The term ‘green HR’ is most often used to refer to the contribution of people management policies and practices towards the broader corporate environmental agenda. Typical green activities include video recruiting, or the use of online and video interviews, to minimize travel requirements.  Green rewards can include the use of workplace and lifestyle benefits, ranging from carbon credit offsets to free bicycles, to engage people in the green agenda, while continuing to recognize their contribution.  Other simple green actions include minimizing the amount of printed materials used in performance management, salary reviews and so on. While there is definitely a substantial amount of ‘green washing’ occurring in reducing waste, there are many opportunities here too. However, HR is never going to have a truly significant impact on a business through the improvement of HR processes alone so the greater opportunity is to contribute to the green agenda of the business as a whole. III. Green HRM helps in following activities:

* The influence of social, economic, market and other external forces on the approaches to environmental management adopted by firms. * Workforce development needs created by increasing demand for employees in the newly emerging green economy. * Discussions of how and to what extent HR policies and practices can improve the environmental performance of organizations. * Specific HR philosophies, policies and/or practices that support or inhibit change around environmental issues. * International differences in Green HRM practices The Role of the HR function in environmental management. * The role played by trade unions and employee representatives in environmental Management. * Changing attitudes and behaviors related to environmental issues in the workplace. * A critique addressing the pros and cons for research and/or practice of focusing narrowly on environmental management versus addressing environmental concerns as part of a more expansive approach (e.g., focusing on the Triple Bottom Line or striving for “sustainability”). * Discussions of how current theoretical perspectives and frameworks (e.g., those related to strategic competitiveness, knowledge management, learning organization, communities of practice) can be applied by reflective practitioners to create an eco-friendly organizational culture.

IV. HR...
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