2. There Is No One Best Way to Make Change in an Organisation. How Does This Inform Your Understanding of Organisational Change Towards Greater Sustainability? Discuss

Topics: Management, Sustainability, Implementation Pages: 4 (1320 words) Published: October 9, 2011
2. There is no one best way to make change in an organisation. How does this inform your understanding of organisational change towards greater sustainability? Discuss

Organisations are faced with new changes constantly. In order to remain successful and respected, it is important that they respond to changing situations appropriately (Waddel, Cummings and Worley, C 2011). There are many factors that influence an organisation to change; the one that this piece will review is sustainability. Sustainability is a current trend in which organisations are being pushed to move towards a more green approach of business activity. This literature review will firstly describe both key terms to be discussed throughout the piece. It will begin with a definition of organisational change as well as sustainability with regard to the context of organisational change. It will discuss the terms used together. There is a current trend in sustainable practice within businesses, this will be analysed as to how the trend began (Harris and Crane 2002). The second part of the piece will look at how change is implemented. This section will discuss unsuccessful ways to make change with the contention that change is almost impossible to implement successfully with an organisation. This will be contradicted with the successful implementation of change toward sustainability. The example of the Secretary Minister of Environments in Holland and his experience will be used to look at ways to successfully implement a change process, discusses in Doppelt 2003. The review will conclude that there is no one best way to make change because every situation has different cultures and barriers requiring different change procedures.

Organisational change is a term used to describe continually altering needs and wants of organisations stakeholders (Todnem, 2005). It is a current and common belief that change is now unavoidable and ever growing within any organisation (Burnes, 2004)....
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