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Going Green, Going Forward - Decision- Making Memo

To: J.R. Rigley, market manager of Watkins Incorporated
From: xxx, assistant of market manager
Date: 9/23/2012
Subject: going green, going forward

Problem statement
As our company is going well, and considering the demonstration of Cutco Corporation, to be going green become a burning issue for our company if we want to go forward. And to make sure the “going green” plan can implement successfully and smoothly, we’re facing the following questions: 1. What are true green initiatives versus “greenwashing” ideas? 2. What are the ethical and social issues involved in green initiatives? 3. How have other organizations approached the issue of green initiatives? 4. How will our stakeholders respond to the proposed initiatives? Basic on the main products of our company is about personal care, home care, remedies, and organic flavorings, “be green” of our productions and our company become significant considerable reason for customers why choose us, and it is obviously important to us.

Alternative Solutions
After identified the issues we’re going to solve, next, we will identify the actual actions surround the core task—being green. As the demonstration of Cutco Corporation mentioned, “going green” is definitely not just “go-green project” or “greenwashing”. Greenwashing is what company do to make themselves look more environmentally friendly than they really are. However, “going green” needs do more from inside to outside. For outside, Cutco Corporation commitment to quality and innovation with a FOREVER satisfaction guarantee, and which come out with significant positive impact. According to their experience, to satisfy a guarantee for custom could be used for reference. The following components could considering for our company: 1. Forever performance guarantee

2. Forever green and safety ingredient guarantee
3. Products purchased carry applicable manufacturers warranties and...
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