Green Conception vs. Action

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Green Conception vs. Action
Practicing Yours Survey Skills
Kim Nora Wiltfang•Alexander G. M. Hopf Biology Practical • B.I.S. • 14th June 2011

From: “Rette - die-Natur“ - Web adress: - Accessed on: June 11 13:34

Kim N. Wiltfang• Alexander G. M. Hopf • E-Mail: • B.I.S.


In order to practice our survey skills, we created a questionnaire consisting of 10 Questions relevant to our field of inquiry Green Conception vs. Action. We printed this questionnaire 50 times and handed them to students of Berlin International School ranging from Grade 9 to IB1. Our aim was to find out the relation between a green conception and a green action meaning: When you think your lifestyle is green, do your actions support this? We placed the question “Do you consider your lifestyle as green?“ (conception) followed by multiple action questions so the students asked would answer the first question as they would spontaneously, realizing their actions may be contrary to this answer later. We predicted that the number of students considering their lifestyle as green, would be higher compared to the number of students actually living green.

A pie chart showing the male/female gender distribution in our survey

Male 40 % Female 60 %

From 50 students asked, 20 were male and 30 were female. In terms of gender equality we would consider this a relatively even number with a slightly larger female contribution.


Do you consider your lifestyle as green? (Complete survey)

No 56 %

Yes 44 %



Yes 43 %

No 57 %

Yes 45 %

No 55 %

From the students we asked, in total, 44 % considered their lifestyle as green. The gender structure was fairly equal with only 2% in difference between males and females.


To what extent do you support the views of the green political party in Germany (Bündnis 90 - Die Grünen)? 20 18 16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 Completely Mostly Male Partly Totally Against Not interested Female

From the students asked, 44% where not interested in politics, especially females. However, 42% of all students, either partly, mostly or completely supports the views of the green political partly. Answers given to explanations for choice of option in question 2: Option selected in 2 Partly Justification “The nuclear power station concept was good.“ “Some ideas unreasonable.“ “They want children to have a happy and clean future without evil destructive capitalistic and dark forces pulling them into their circle of evil.“ Completely “Because an intact planet is essential for our future.“ “They never agree with other parties.“

Party Completely

Totally against


Which of the following energy sources do you prefer?

Solar 32 % Nuclear 10 % Coal Burning 8 % Tidal Fuel 10 % Hydrogen Fuel 10 %

Wind 30 %



37 % 3 % 10 % 47 % 3 %

25 %

20 % 5 %

20 % 20 %

10 %

Same Color coded key as above applies From the students asked, 82% of the students selected a renewable source of energy as their preferred one. However in this category, there is a visibly high fluctuation between male and female.


Which Method of transport do you use most? 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 Car Bicycle Male Metro Bus Female Walking

38% of all students use the most polluting method of transport the most (car). 34% use non polluting transport methods most. Do you sort your waste before disposing it? 12 10 8 6 4 2 0

Yes! All the time

Mostly Male


Nearly Never Female

Not at all!

The trend shows that both males and females mostly tend to not sort their waste environmentally friendly as 74% of all students asked sorted their waste rarely, nearly never or not at all before disposing it. 6

From the results we collected, we can conclude that our prediction has been mainly rejected. From the 50 students asked, 44% considered their lifestyle to be green. This clearly is less than we had...
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