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  • Published : April 1, 2013
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Jack Pijanowski & Briton Zamoyta
COM 440: Final Project Initiative

In our effort to make cognitive for the bettering of our environment, we have decided to base our final project around the idea of reducing waste produced by the public and encouraging the public to recycle more of their waste. More specifically, we would like to focus on the reduction of plastics, such as plastic water bottles that are frequently discarded by students.

Our main goals are to first begin by enlightening the public of the amount of waste that is produced in different intervals of time through out our campus and college community. Next, we would like to campaign an effort toward making cognitive decisions about how to help not only reduce the amount of waste we produce so frequently, and help to encourage others into making more environmental waste decisions, such as recycling wasteful materials and reusing materials that are eligible for reuse. Also in our effort to encourage recycling, we would like to focus a large portion of our efforts into the recycling, reuse and reduction of plastic water bottles. Lastly, to follow up these efforts, we would like to educate and demonstrate some useful alternatives to plastic bottles, such as reusable water containers. There are many containers such as Nalgene bottles, and other aluminum canteens that are designed to be used over and over again and cost much less than purchasing bottled water. There are even containers with built in water filters to ensure that every time you use it, you are getting crisp, clean water.

In conclusion, our plan is a very attainable goal and can hinder very positive results in an effort to live a greener life style and be environmentally conscious. Although our main focus for our project is directed toward our college environment, we hope that its effects can help to encourage others to have a similar goal to ours and possibly even leave a lasting effect on their particular lifestyle.
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