Females Are Better Students Than Males

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  • Published : June 7, 2012
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Females are better students than males
There are some arguments on the viewpoint who is better students between females & males- different people have diverse ideas, perhaps. In my opinion, I entirely agree with the idea that females are better students than males. During the middle school, high school, and college, we can see that most female students study very hard than their male counterparts. Female students always prepare their home works very carefully and review their book ahead of time. As a result, they perform academically better than the male students. Another case comes from my son and my niece. They have different and distinct study habits. On one hand, let me first introduce how my son studies. When he turns back home from school, he will turn on the TV immediately and will watch his favorite TV programs until it is time for dinner. Whenever I suggest to him to complete his home works after dinner, he would usually say that he is so tired and he needs to rest again for about 10 minutes. But his rest time is always more than 10 minutes and sometimes it will reach to 20 or 30 minutes if we don’t remind him. As soon as he feels everything is ok he will then begin to study. However, he finishes the homework very quickly and commits many mistakes. Nonetheless, I would always ask him to recheck his home works carefully by himself. There are times that I will realize that his heart and mind have already flown out of the house to play with his friends while he sits on the table to study. Being his mother, I can easily observe whenever his mind towards his lessons is already distracted because I also had undergone such experience when I was young. I really wish my son can understand that he needs to acquire knowledge for himself and not for me. On the other hand, my niece, who is older than my son for only two years, has a better attitude towards her studies. She is a very good student in her class. She also doesn’t spend much time to study. But when...
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