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  • Published : March 21, 2012
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Week One Discussion Questions

* What organization are you considering writing for your grant proposal? Why have you chosen this organization? What program or project idea do you want to fund, and why? How can you base your funding desires on target community need versus a funding need for your organization? *

* Trinity Services is a non-profit organization that helps individuals with disabilities achieve their full potential and live the most abundant life possible. Trinity is recognized for their high quality services in community living, adult learning programs, and vocational support. Generally non-profit organizations don’t produce considerable amounts of revenue and Trinity Services is no different. Trinity Services, Inc. is funded through state dollars, donations, and operating revenue-producing enterprises. After operating costs are paid, the Adult Learning Program within Trinity does not profit and is supported through the other departments. For that reason, the Adult Learning Program is the last service to receive additional funds. There is a significant need for technological advancements such as new computers for the developmental disability support staff. The three computers used in the Adult Learning Program are outdated; they are more than ten years old. They all have more than thirty viral infections on each computer, which causes difficulty and decreases the needed function of the workstation. The computers often freeze in the middle of writing documents or building spreadsheets. The program coordinator’s computer is the only computer within the facility that has working Internet. The organization contracts an IT professional, but once one computer is repaired the other two crash. It is a never-ending issue within the daily operations of Trinity Services. For example, the secretary uses her computer for important data entry. At the end of each month, the secretary compiles the medium-term averages and percentages of the individual’s program tracking sheets. The data collected establishes the success or demise of a certain program and provides indications of an individual’s behavior. The outdated computer and similarly obsolete software prohibits the secretary from completing her job efficiently, which inevitably affects the population being served and the company’s overall productivity. The use of technology has an outstanding influence especially the way program research is done and advancements made in marketing services to the community. Consequently, technological advancements increase the effect of information technology developing high quality value-driven services and expanding community relationships (Rust & Espinoza, 2006, p. 1072). *

* What are some potential community needs that you or your organization wants to address? Why? How can you substantiate the need for the funds and the program or project? * The Adult Learning Program of Trinity Services in Reno, NV is one of few community based educational program offering many opportunities to the community as well as the individuals being served. The individuals Trinity serves are over the age of twenty-one and usually transition into the program after aging out of the local adolescent special needs school. In the Adult Learning Program, individuals participate in core courses and recreational activities in a school environment consisting of various curriculums. Individuals are also given the opportunity to participate in community activities around town. The community’s involvement within our program is imperative to the success of the program and fulfillment of the mission. Effectively using technology in the Adult Learning Program would increase social impact by empowering the staff to better job performance, the organization’s approach, and the exchange of knowledge within the community. *

* What are the components of a complete grant proposal? Please provide a brief...
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