Hsm 270 Program Planning and Grant Proposals

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Program Planning and Grant Proposals
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HSM 270

When working in a human services environment one will be exposed to or involved with program planning. It is the nature of human service agencies to have at least one and usually many programs. Program planning is defined as a process that involves the development and use of activities, setting up goals, objectives, activities and a means to evaluate them. The process presents the argument and the logic that justifies the need for a program (Yuen, Terao, 2003). When planning a program there is a need to have detailed information. Foremost, the program should fit the mission and values of the agency. There should be clear and concise goals and objectives. Usually prior to introducing a program there is a fair amount of research that will be done. This could include the use of focus groups, historical data, current events or others ways to determine the programs need and a logical reason to be implemented. At some point in human services there will be a need for a grant. A grant is not usually used for the continuation of a program. Grants are usually used to start a new program that the agency believes will achieve a specific goal. The grant proposal must be clearly defined as to what the funds are for. An application for a grant should include the following information: •Abstract

Table of contents
Specific aims
Target populations
Evaluation plan
Agency capacity
Budget and budget justification
Community support
References (Yuen, Terao, 2003).
Most of the information that goes into the planning of the program will appear in the grant proposal. This is because the giver of the grant will want to know most all the intimate details of the program and how their money will be used. The grantor is concerned that their funding will be used in the most effective way.

Yuen, Terao, (2003), Practical Grant Writing and Program...
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