Grameenphone Premier League

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Letter of Transmittal:

December 27, 2011.

Institute of Business Administration,
University of Dhaka.


With due respect, we are here to submit the following report on Bangladesh Premier League according to the instructions given by you.

After going to Bangladesh Football Federation (BFF) and doing a thorough online research on Bangladesh Premier League, we have been quite successful in collecting necessary background information about it. A survey among the past followers of football in our golden era and current youth populace also helped us to understand the market trend and the expectations. The following report is the result of our findings and efforts.

We appreciate this opportunity to work under you.


Group – 9

Ishmamul Farhad ________________________ Wasif A Khoda ________________________ Hikmat Kabir ________________________ Md. Imran Khan ________________________ Muhammad Touhidul Islam ________________________

Section - B
BBA 20th batch
IBA, University of Dhaka.
First of all, we would like to thank the Almighty Allah for being able to successfully complete the report. Next we would like to thank our course instructor, ________________ for giving us the opportunity to do this report. The overall experience has been very beneficial and educational for us and we believe it shall help invaluably in the future. We would also like to convey our gratitude to __________ for without his teachings in our marketing course, some important parts of the report would have been incomplete. Lastly, we would like to thank Mr. Tuhin Nizami for giving us time out of his busy schedule and giving us all the necessary information needed for the foundation of this report.

Executive Summary:
Grameenphone Premier League, also known as the B-League, is the top tier football league in Bangladesh. It is one of the many sports leagues running right now in the country. Since its inception in 2007, it has been seeing a very slow growth in its popularity. This has been primarily due to the rise in cricket as the most popular sport in the country. Cricket takes away most of the attention away from domestic football in Bangladesh but despite this the league has seen growth in its popularity due to an overall increase in the popularity of football in Bangladesh.

This marketing report has reviewed the current marketing strategies of Grameenphone Premier League. We have analyzed the effectiveness of these strategies and pointed out some important flaws which have slowed down the progress of this organization.

Grameenphone Premier League segments its market on the basis of income. It offers different ticket prices based on its income segmentation. The ticket prices for each segment vary depending on the venue and the popularity of the clubs involved in the fixture.

The report was completed with data gathered from both primary and secondary sources. The secondary sources of this data come from the website of Bangladesh Football Federation, Wikipedia, Banglapedia and many other sports based websites. A stratified survey was conducted from 2nd to 10th December, 2012. The online survey was conducted on about 80 people. Owing to the lack of resources, time limitation and small group size; we were unable to go to the different clubs within the league to gather more information which would have contributed to its accuracy. However, we have researched on the clubs through phones and websites and found the required data.

The survey revealed that the almost 80% of the respondents did not know about the current advertisements...
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