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Topics: Pixar, Steve Jobs, George Lucas Pages: 3 (1174 words) Published: May 14, 2013
“I didn’t come all this way just to see you quit,” this quote by the character Doc Hudson from Pixar’s animated movie, Cars, this expression is always the main expression used for Pixar as Pixar was a really small company before and now it is very well known from places all over the world . Over the years, Pixar Animation Studios evolved from a small business into a large, well known and a very popular company Twenty years ago, George Lucas taught of something to change the eyes of the customers demographic for Lucas Films and so Lucas himself started to be more interested in the world of animation and digitalized movies. Digital imaging, electronic editing, and interactivity all required the technologies being created under the new division. Lucas Film started to go into the video games industry to gain some attention of younger generations of his work As the technologies rises and the division grew slowly at a fast pace, computer graphics captured the attention of others not only George Lucas. Companies such as EDS and General Motors gained interest. Steve Jobs co-founder and CEO of Apple Inc., became really interested in the idea of Lucas Film, Ltd. Computer division. A few signatures and 10 million dollars later Steve Jobs owns the legal documentation of the computer graphics division at Lucas film, Ltd. The division then became an independent company which became known as “Pixar After working for Lucas since 1979 at Lucas film as vice-president of the division, Ed Catmull became co-founder and chief technical officer of Pixar. He started something new alongside 44 other workers to find a new breakthrough in the entertainment industry. He started of very small as he was not too confident of the risk and advantages of running an animation company would be. Pixar has always known to be one of the pioneers of animation in this world today. This is because most of the best animation movies that is available till today are mostly Pixar’s animation. One out of the...
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