Trend Setters in Hollywood

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Trend Setters in Hollywood
Movies have been a great source of entertainment in our lives. All of us watch movies, but hardly anyone is interested on the business the movie has done or whether the movie is classic or not. Everyone wants entertainment. Hollywood has changed over the years in terms of the quality or the usage of technology. There are some franchises, movies, and actors that have changed the horizon of Hollywood. These movies have been of different genres or franchises.

Star Wars changed the face of Hollywood and Science-Fiction genre and took them to new heights. Before Star Wars the special effects weren’t used in movies, but after the release of the movie everything changed. Many directors started relying heavily on special effects (Jamilla, 2000). Nowadays, most of the movies are released with a heavy dose of special effects. This was the most successful franchise ever made also this was the fastest franchise cross the business of $ 1 Billion Dollars at the domestic box office and a worldwide total of over $4.45 billion dollars (Box Office Mojo, n.p.). Star Wars is the 3rd highest franchise till date after Harry Potter and James Bond. Most of the franchises are based on novels and comic books, but Star Wars was a completely original idea. This was the first time when a franchise crossed the billion dollar mark both domestically as well as in the overseas market.

Secondly, Toy Story had bought a new revelation in the animation genre. Toy story had given animation a new dimension. This was the first fully computer animation feature film to be made as each frame to 4-13 hours to complete (, n.p.) . Disney had made many classic animation feature films, but Pixar hear became ahead of them as they added life to the characters (Porter & Susman, 2000). This was the first animation with sequels. In 1999 and 2010 Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3 were released. Both the movies were extremely successful, both commercially and critically. Toy Story 3 is the most successful animation movie ever made by earning around $ 1.063 billion dollars worldwide (, Toy Story, n.p.). Many franchises were created after the success of Toy Story, namely Madagascar and Ice Age. This was the 1st movie ever to be released by Pixar (, n.p.).

Thirdly, Superman was the first super hero movie to earn big bucks and start a new trend for superheroes. Though ‘The Adventures of Captain Marvel’ was released on 1941 (Friscia, 2012), but it was Superman (1978) which hugely successful both critically and commercially. This was most expensive movie made in 1978 also the most successful movie of 1978 (Jamilla, 2000). Superman could not last at the box office for long after the successful outing of Superman; Superman 2 could repeat the success of the 1st part. Superman 3 and Superman 4 were considered to be ‘disasters’ commercially and critically as well (, n.p.). The failure of Superman led to the making of Batman in 1989 (, n.p.).

Fourthly, Harry Potter was the first book to be made into grand movie franchise. It is the most successful franchise till date with a box office collection of $ 7.7 billion dollars (, n.p.). This franchise was the turning point in Hollywood after which many studios bought the rights of major selling book franchises. This franchise bought the sequel games back in Hollywood. Furthermore, this led to the creation of many franchises like The Lord of Rings, Twilight and The Hunger Games. This franchise was equally liked by the audience as well as the critics.

In addition to the above four, Avatar (3D) was the trendsetter for the 3D technology. Avatar which took around a decade to be made gave innovation to the usage of 3D technology. Since the release of Avatar, 3 back-to-back years a 3D movie is topping the worldwide box office (, 2010 Yearly Domestic Box Office, n.p.) (, 2011 Yearly...
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