Google Communication

Topics: Google, Employment, Value Pages: 2 (396 words) Published: October 4, 2012
zykia T. Sanders
Joseph Imperiale

Behavior and Communication! (Google)

When you’re talking about a good company to work for, Google is one of the top employers to get in business with and to work for. Everyone wants to read up on Google, every eye is on this one particular company. It has one of most interesting organization cultures out of all cultures. Not to mention, In 2007 Google was ranked in the top 100 best businesses to work for. This statement was written in the fortune magazine. Me personally I say Google communicates very well. Google has the best and the fastest and most reliable search engine that it is. For Google to obtain these accomplishments they look and hire people who are tech savvy and are professionals. What makes Google a successful company? They value their talented employees. They reward them with good things; Google cherished good employees. To keep a business on the right track and successful, employees must be treated equally and be rewarded. Since I’ve known Google to be a search engine I haven’t heard about any downfalls or complaints. The Google management bring themselves together as a team and more so family. From the articles I’ve read, Google strives to give their employees the best experience that they could ever have. That goes for any business existed, you should aim to give your employees the best experience, something that they would never forget. That job that you always talk about and never would let go. Throughout the years we all know that Google has switched up something’s. Google has changed the way we receive information dramatically. Looking in or looking out Google is valued as a great company. Google also communicates well internally and externally. Google uses a number of apps for communication both ways. They have apps for education, business and not limited to marketing. One of my favorite apps is the Gmail app. You can have multiple email accounts and you can store all of...
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