Stock Analysis: Google Inc

Topics: Google, World Wide Web, Finance Pages: 2 (397 words) Published: November 15, 2010
Company Stock Analysis
The company I chose to do my stock analysis on was none other than the internet search powerhouse, Google Inc. Google is perhaps the largest web index site that has a large array of products and services that provide users with instant access to relevant information on the internet. They primarily make their money from advertising, and by offering a wide variety of products and services, they use the information gathered on individuals to do more direct, focused advertising to an individual based on their internet experience.

Some of their major products and services include mainly their Google search and the other is the most popular media website on the internet, They also have a multitude of smaller services such as google maps, google news, google finance, google trend search, google chrome [their newest web browser], and a picture sharing service site called Picasa.

Google’s quarterly revenue has seen a 22.6% increase over the past four quarters, moving from $5.5 billion in June 2009, to $6.8 billionMarch 2010 and their profits have seen an even higher increase of nearly 26.6% starting at $3.4 in June of ‘09, to $4.3 billion in March of this year. Their assets equal to a total of $40 billion with most of their assets in short term investments [totaling nearly $14 billion]. Their stockholder’s equity equated to $36 billion this quarter, in which it is mostly comprised of retained earnings [$20 billion]. They paid out dividends of $318,000 dollars this quarter as well. Finally their earnings per share ratio is at $22.68, which seems pretty astounding for their industry.

Personally, I have always been a fan of Google, just because of some of the insight I’ve gained on the way they conduct business, their mission statement, and other research I’ve performed; however, from an unbiased potential investor point of view I feel that they are a solid company for long term investments. Though I can’t say that if...
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