Fortune 100 Companies

Topics: Fortune 500, Harshad number, Fortune Pages: 3 (874 words) Published: May 27, 2013
Fortune 100 Companies

Trevah Goins

MGT 415

Instructor: Kim Marshall

Date: 28 April 2013

For a company to have success with top employers, the company needs to have the best employees. The three companies from FORTUNE Magazine’s 2012 list that I have chosen to discuss in the research paper will consist of Google, Build-A- Bear Workshops and The Southern Ohio Medical Center.

Google ranks at number one on the 2012 FORTUNE Magazine’s ‘Top 100 Companies to Work For’. “Last year, the revenue increased 33%, Google and gave employees an 11% pay hike.” (Fortune Magazine, 2012). Google employees are devotedly nicknamed Googlers. “At Google, change and inspiration keep our projects improving and changing. Our organization comes from our Googlers; smart and astonishing people who promote an atmosphere of cooperation and enjoyment.” (About Google, 2012) Google provides their employees “a great environment to provide both as an individual and as a part of the team. Even with the large size and growth of the company, people who work here still feel like they matter and that there are people who actually care for you. (About Google, 2012) Steiner’s social combination theory is apparent in the motivational style of Google’s employees due to the management that focuses on the group, rather than productivity and individual. (Losh, 2012)

Southern Ohio Medical Center (SOMC) was named number 36 on the 2012 FORTUNE Magazine 100 Best Companies to work with. In 2010, they were number 63 and in 2011, they were number 36. They have maintained the 36th spot since 2011 but they have increased 27 spots. The Southern Ohio Medical Center is based in Portsmouth, Ohio. The hospital center is over 105 years old. The housekeepers are encouraged to help and ask the patients of their needs.

Southern Ohio Medical Center uses the START method to help motivate their employees to work towards the goals. START stands for “Specific,...
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