Goodwill Industries

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Goodwill Industries International
Each organization has its own structure, and breaks down the different sections of the organization based on that structure to best help the clients. Goodwill is no different. Goodwill’s organizational structure allows them to communicate from people at the top of the organization down to each store level. In any organization it is important for the organization to have some sort of structure to operate daily. Organizational Structure

Goodwill’s organizational structure is hierarchically they are connected through the chain of command. Goodwill has 13 different organizations and each is run under their own umbrella. Each organization is governed by a voluntary board of directors. Each Goodwill organization has its own president and vice president along with a full director and management staff. The above chart is the structure that each Goodwill organization follows. The Departments Divisions

Around the world Goodwill has 13 organizations, within these organizations there are more than 2,300 retail stores. Each organization works to create opportunities for people with disabilities and special needs. Each Goodwill is independently operated and governed by a voluntary board of directors. The Southern California Goodwill has worked to make the life of many individuals with disabilities or other disadvantages by providing education, training, and job opportunities to assist them in becoming more self-sufficient and productive. Goodwill Southern California operates 65 retail stores, 42 attended donation centers, three campuses, and 24 services locations in Los Angeles (north of Rosecrans Ave.), Riverside and San Bernardino counties. Donated clothes and household goods provide a vital revenue stream that allows Goodwill to offer critical job-development services to thousands of local residents. Volunteers play a huge part in the delivery of services provided by Goodwill. Volunteers are what help keep Goodwill up and running. A number of the volunteers can use what skills they have and any new skills they will acquire. Goodwill's volunteers help in various ways, including by mentoring, tutoring, organizing events, collecting donations, and participating in pet, art, and music therapy. Those who do not have the time to go out and volunteer can volunteer virtually. For example, virtual volunteers may have the opportunity to learn web design or to put their design skills to work by designing their local chapter's website or newsletter. Virtual volunteers may also write articles for their local chapter's newsletter. Volunteering virtually simply requires contacting the local Goodwill chapter to discover their needs. Goodwill Southern California is a Nonprofit Organization

Goodwill is a nonprofit organization their focus is to help disadvantaged individuals through educational programs, training programs, and career services. Goodwill works with many people, including the homeless, those with disabilities or on welfare, and those lacking in the experience or education needed to secure a job. Founded in 1902 the nonprofit organization started out when wealthy residents of Boston were asked to donate their used clothing and other household supplies. People less fortunate were hired to sort through the items and the items reusable were then sold or given to the people who helped sort through the items. The Community Benefits of Goodwill

The Goodwill is perhaps best known, for its Thrift Stores and donation drop off points. The GSC has 65 retail stores, three campuses, and 24 service locations in Los Angeles, San Bernadine, and Riverside, California. However, the Goodwill of Southern California (GSC) has become a huge benefit to persons with disabilities, and others disadvantaged ("The Goodwill" n.d.). Since 1916, GSC assists with this special population to become more productive and self-sufficient; the GSC provides special training, and job opportunities. The GSC gets good revenue from clothes...
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