Good Communication Skills for Better Jobs and Career Prospects

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  • Published : October 4, 2011
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1. Introduction

What is speaking? In my opinion, speaking is when we have something in our mind and we want to deliver, share or send that idea, information, emotion, message or opinion to the other person so that particular person can understand what we have in our mind. In other words, speaking is an art to convey or relay message which exist today in many forms, country, ethnic, community and culture. Nevertheless I believe that when we talk about speak, we are not only talking about every single word that came from our mouth but realize it or not we’re talking about some form of oral communication and most humans have developed an ability to communicate through oral language. In today societies, oral languages can be found all over the world and born in every corner of the globe and more specially English as it world mostly widely spoken. Language can be used to convince, to convey information and to persuade. When we seek to convince, convey information and persuade we are talking about changing people’s minds. In other words, the language that we use is extremely important to get other people to understand what we want to delivered. Sometimes, we never thought the idea of simple language expressing extraordinary ideas. Today, Bahasa Malaysia always government preferred for the official and National language and our mother tongue since we were born. But an increasing demand for English due to globalization, Malaysia government taking proactive measure and gigantic steps to emphasize English as second language such as the about the policy of teaching Mathematics and Science especially in primary and secondary schools. As English is widely spoken around the globe and occupied in modern society due to the economic, information technology, politician, academic, scientific, broadcasting and internet. This action creates an opportunity for Malaysian as market growing demand for those who can proficient in English in order to meet and stay competitive in international market. This can be achieved through proper training and this is when the need for speech training in English comes in handy as it will increase self-confident and enabling to become effective communicator.

The purpose of this paper is to look the importance of English as a medium of communication especially when we focus on a group of school leavers. Moreover, the question of what benefits can we get if we speaking effectively and confidently in English. Many graduates today unprepared to enter the work place as most job manager role fast becoming from shift operation to team builder. As stated during MELTA 22nd of April 2003.

“Based on the resolutions of MELTA (Malaysian English Language Teaching Association) National Colloquium on the Role of The English Language In National Building held on 22nd of April 2003 at Sheraton Subang Towers and Hotel, Subang Jaya Selangor, "English Language plays a significant role in the enhancement of the economy and international-level political initiatives as well as cross cultural communication." English Language is also being identified to be one of the factors that many graduates unemployed. The unemployed graduates are urged to polish up their English and communications skills to better equip themselves, (Friday, November 04, 2005). English is now a medium at all level of education in Malaysia, from primary to tertiary level.”

Sadly enough, due to lack sufficient exposure in English either in school or usage in home, this can adversely affect the development of future careers and overcoming the challenge of making important decision. Therefore, learning oral communication skills thru personal development is important which brings personal potential for success or failure and achieve high quality in deliver presentation. It is important to step out of the comfort zone in order to stay competitive in global market. Being lack of exposure in English not an as excuse not to take proactive measure that...
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