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  • Published : March 21, 2013
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Cardiovascular Project: News Article
Exercising isn’t only for losing weight, but to be HEALTHY too! For More Information, Look at the News Article on 1B! 1B Exercising Just Got Better and Healthier Written By Alexis Bower Exercising has improved majorly, by our new technology in the world. It’s to the point where you don’t even need to go outside or to the gym. You have the power to do it in your own house. We have devices that can monitor your steps you take, what your heartbeat is, how far you have ran, and to how much calories you have lost within your workout. I sat down with, Nick Ripplinger, high school student from Admiral Farragut, to ask him some questions about exercising and being healthy. I said, “So how do you stay fit nick?” “Any extracurricular activities?” He answered, “I do tons of sports from basketball, soccer, track, and to going to the gym weekly.” I replied by, “Do you watch how you treat your body?” He answered, “Yes, but I do have my days where I definitely take a cheat day.” I said, “Don’t we all. Do you see your doctor frequently to see how your health is doing?” He replied, “Yes, but not all the time, probably at least once to twice a month.” I implied, “Do you think you are motivated to stay healthy and fit?” He replied, “Absolutely! When I see people around me that are overweight, it reminds that I don’t want to be like that where I can hardly to anything. I want to be able to enjoy life and do everything I can.” I asked, “What is your normal routine every day?” He answered back, “Get up, Take a shower, Eat breakfast, Go to school, Go to practice or game of the sport I am attending, Come back home, Take Another Shower, Eat Dinner, Watch TV/Go on computer, and then Go to sleep.” When I interviewed...
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