Marketing Product Final Project

Topics: Marketing, Variable cost, Fixed cost Pages: 14 (3115 words) Published: April 30, 2013
Lai Agboola
Dami Erapi
Jessica Meng-Chi Wang
Ijafeh Akpe

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY------------------------------------------------------------------------1

COMPANY AND PRODUCT DESCRIPTION----------------------------------------------1

SITUATION ANALYSIS--------------------------------------------------------------------------2

BUYER ANALYSIS--------------------------------------------------------------------------------5


MARKETING PROGRAM-----------------------------------------------------------------------7


EVALUATION AND CONTROL-------------------------------------------------------------10


Executive Summary
Will you like walking the length of the Golden Gate Bridge, or climbing the Eiffel Tower? How cool is it that by taking a number of steps a day, you can contribute to vaccines for children in India, provide clean water in Mexico or protect the rainforest in Africa? Is there a platform where all these, including exciting games is a reality? Yes, there is. Doctors have been telling us to take at least 10,000 steps a day to stay in shape and prevent health risks, but who has the time? Apparently, it’s not a question of having time; it’s a question of having the right motivation. The geniuses over at Striiv, Inc., found the answer in their new technology; Striiv. With a start up of $250000 and venture capital funding of $6 million, Striiv, a fun, fancy new pedometer is to be launched during the holiday season. The marketing plan has been detailed in this presentation. Perhaps, Striiv will be the answer to that “get healthy” New Year’s resolution.

Striiv Incorporated was co-founded in 2010 by David Wang and Marc Ross, the CEO and VP of Engineering respectively. It has headquarters in Redwood City, California and is focused on integrating gaming mechanisms across everyday life activities and experiences, especially those that need an infusion of fun to motivate and inspire (like exercise). Striiv is comprised of a team of world-class game designers, artists, cutting edge technologists, and management experts with diverse and lengthy industry experience.

Later this year, the company plans to launch its first product called Striiv; an innovative pedometer type product. With an assumption of initial start up of $250000 and a planned venture funding of $6 million, Striiv aims to start ‘a movement around movement’.

Striiv is a sleek fitness motivator that counts every step and the number of stairs you take. It is designed to fit smoothly between your keychain, belt clip, pocket or handbag. It has the most advanced tri-accelerometer (technology that counts steps/activity) available. It is always on and has up to a week battery life when fully charged. Its high resolution colored screen displays games, tracks progress, indicates personal challenges and opportunities to donate to charity while walking, running or climbing stairs.

‘My land’ is a pre-loaded game on the striiv that lets you create your own enchanted island filled with exotic wildlife and plants. The more you move, the more your enchanted island flourishes. The striiv displays your progress and gives you fun challenges to beat your personal best. For example, a display may show “ten steps from reaching the top of Eifel Tower”.

Walkathon is a service on the device whereby every step counts towards a donation to charity from corporate sponsors at no cost to you. Striiv is presently partnering with Global Giving and will provide donations based on aggregate amount of users’ steps. Initially, striiv will support donations of clean water in South America and...
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