Gm Food

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Genetic Modified Food
" Genetic modification exists by changing an organismʼs DNA under a genetical engineering responsibility. In order to create new resistant flavored food, genetic modification may be used. However, this contemporary method hasʼt been tested sufficiently. Lack of experiment causes argues all over the world. Not to put environmental health, which is the necessary for all beings, at risk, genetic modification should be banned.

" Firstly, letʼs have a look at safety of GM foods. GM foods have more allergens than foods which are grown by traditional methods. A person, because of not knowing which food has allergens, may most probably get sick. In 2003, a group of Russian scientists reported the fact that patients with food allergy had increased three times because of the GM foods. In addition to allergens, transfer of antibiotic resistance genes is another problematic issue. When GM food is being produced, antibiotic resistance genes is used. Afterwards, because these genes can transfer to microorganisms which cause disease, controlling of the infections become harder.

" GM foods also affect biodiversity and natural balance. Because all lives are in a big system, minimal changes can affect whole chain of living creatures. If a plant is modified genetically, not only the plant but also organisms which interact with the plant are influenced. Uncontrollable interactions may cause radical variations. Therefore, some species may disappear utterly. In addition to change of genes of organisms which interact GM plants, surrounding plants are also affected because of gene escape. " According to supporters, genetic modification enhances nutrients. However, genetic modification causes destruction of genetic diversity. Uniform food may prevent healthy and balanced diet. In contrast to anticipation, GM foods may affect humanʼs diet. Especially the poor cannot reach various foods sufficiently. In addition, people whose purchasing power is higher should spend...
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