Food Allergies

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Food Allergies

A food allergy is when you have a bad immune response to a food protein. It’s different from other bad responses to food such as food intolerances and toxin-mediated reactions (food poisoning). The protein in the food is the most common reason for an allergic reaction. Those kinds of allergies happen when the body’s immune system thinks a protein is harmful, when it may not be. Some proteins are resistant to digestion and what isn’t broken down in the digestive process are marked by the Immunoglobin E (IgE). Food allergy affects 6-8% of children under 5, and about 3-4% of adults. 1.68% of Canadian children have a peanut allergy, and 90% of that have had severe reactions.

There are many ways in treating food allergies. The most common one would be to completely distant yourself from the food you are allergic to. People diagnosed with serious food allergies may carry an injectable treatment like an EpiPen or wear medical alert jewelry. There is no cure for food allergies but there are children who outgrow their food allergy has they grow in age.

Signs and symptoms:
IgE reactant food allergies are categorized as type-1 immediate Hypersensitivity reaction. These reactions can happen within seconds or after an hour. Some may include: * Hives
* Swelling of lips, tongue, eyelids, or face
* Vomiting
* Nausea
* Fainting
* Difficulty swallowing

There are different ways you detect your food allergies. The most common way is going to an allergist, getting tiny pricks on your arm, and they will put drops of different types of foods. Whichever you react to is what you’re allergic to. You can also get a blood test and food challenges also performed by an allergist.

There has always been knowledge that food can cause illnesses, diseases, and health concerns for some people. Hippocrates (also known as the Father of Medicine) was a Greek physician who wrote about the negative effects that food...
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