Globalization by Jan Aart Scholte

Topics: Logic, Semantics, World Trade Organization Pages: 2 (444 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Written analysis

The discourse is shaped in the form of the text under the title “Introduction (from Globalization by Jan Aart Scholte)”. It features the use of the term ‘globalization’ and the understanding of its meaning, since many people if asked to specify what is ‘globalization’ reply with vagueness and confusion. The communicative aim is to give the reader to understand what ‘globalization’ is more precisely and clearly and also to construct an account of its term. The text is divided into paragraphs each with its own claim and set of arguments except for the first two paragraphs that are presented as a kind of preface. That is why we can judge that the author resorts to the deductive type of reasoning. As for the type of argumentation the author employs reference to authority (for example, ‘The first Director-General of the World Trade Organization, Renato Ruggiero…’, ‘As media magnate Ted Turner has put it…’) and factual reference with the help of figures (‘WTO, 1996’ or ‘UNDP, 1999’). Besides, the exploitation of self-reference can be observed in such examples as: ‘…my own thinking…’, ‘I make no claim…’ and so on. Next, graphical means should be mentioned. The term ‘globalization’ is sometimes put in inverted commas or highlighted to show its importance and attract readers’ attention. Then, the cohesion in the text is achieved by the use of pronoun reference (‘it’, ‘its’, ‘this’ also personal pronouns ‘my’, ‘I’ that show the author’s involvement). These pronouns, moreover, help to build logical relations between paragraphs together with conjunctions like ‘as’, ‘yet’. In addition to this, the author employs such conjunctions as ‘although’, ‘moreover’, ‘however’ to justify the validity of his claims. And the direct repetition of the word ‘globalization is obvious as it is the subject matter of the text. By the way, the complexity of the text is manifested by the use of passive and gerundial construction (for example, ‘widespread’, ‘unnuanced’ or...
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