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Vocabulary List for Schaefer, Chapter 1, organized by chapter section What is a Subordinate Group?
1. Subordinate Group
2. Minority Group – the group without power
3. Majority Group – the group with power
Types of Subordinate Groups
4. Racial Group
5. Ethnic Group
Does Race Matter?
6. Racism
7. Racial Formation
Sociology and the Study of Race and Ethnicity
8. Sociology
9. Stratification
10. Social Class
11. Functionalist Perspective – Every structure serves a function that leads to social cohesion and stability. 12. Dysfunctions
13. Conflict Perspective – The social world is constructed by and for those in power at the expense of the rest of us. As King pointed out, those with power never give up their power willingly, so those without must struggle for their fair share of power. 14. Blaming the Victim

15. Labeling Theory
16. Stereotype
17. Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
Creation of Minority Group Status
18. Migration
19. Emigration
20. Immigration
21. Globalization – “Globalization refers to the expansion and intensification of social relations and consciousness across world-time and world-space” (Steger 2009: 15). 22. Colonialism
23. World Systems Theory – This is a theory that explains global inequality. Rich nations are in the core, or center of the world economy. They produce few goods; their economies are mostly based on information and marketing. Middle-income nations are in the semi-periphery, or edge of the active world economy. They are often newly industrialized and produce the majority of the world’s goods. Poor nations are in the periphery, or at the very edge of the global economy. Peripheral nations tend to be the source for very cheap labor and raw materials. 24. Internal Colonialism

Consequences of Subordinate Group Status
25. Genocide
26. Ethnic Cleansing
27. Segregation
28. Resegregation
29. Melting Pot
30. Assimilation
31. Pluralism
32. Panethnicity
33. Matrix of Domination
34. Afrocentric Perspective...
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