Globalization and Ethical Issues Regarding Adidas

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Globalization and Ethical Issues Regarding Adidas

Adidas can be seen as one of the top athletic brands of the 21st century. Adidas is known for its variety of sports clothing such as; bags, shirts, shorts, socks, pants, hats and their very popular shoe collection. Just like the Nike swooshes, Adidas’ 3-stripe pattern is one of the most recognizable logos in the world. The 3-stripe pattern is very recognizable that even if one is to see it on any type of apparel, they may automatically assume that the brand is Adidas. That is the power of Globalization. The trouble with many companies is that they do not know how to publicly showcase themselves. However, Adidas is able to do this very efficiently. Having their main product lines sports orientated, they can easily find a market group they can focus on and with the help of the many sports organizations around the world, Adidas is able to put its name out there. Adidas gives many endorsements to many, many athletes playing a variety of sports from basketball to cricket. One major sponsored athlete is Derrick Rose. He is the cover athlete for Adidas’ Basketball market group. Everyone in the Basketball world knows Derrick and Adidas takes advantage of this by placing having Derrick wear everything Adidas. Another giant way Adidas is able to globalize is the London 2012 Olympics. Millions and millions of people watch the Olympics and with that many people watching the athletes perform, a casual hint of their product is everywhere but far. Adidas has made its mark on the Global scale, but at a cost. Due to the increase of demand from Adidas, they have no choice but to speed up production causing them to rely on an unethical solution. Sweatshops.
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