Global Water Shortage

Topics: Water supply, Water, Drinking water Pages: 2 (765 words) Published: March 8, 2013
Global water shortage where will this lead to?

Water is getting scarce and there are currently nearly a billion people around the world in need of sufficient water, this equals with about 1/6 of the world’s population. Although we thought that wars were caused mostly by religious disagreements and to prevent dictatorships etc., the future wars are now influenced not only by those conflicts but by our natural resources’ scarcity and thereby lead to society collapses. It is getting increasingly likely that water wars occur and this causes general worries for both organizations and in political debates. If we take a quick look back in time, to get a clear overview of how the situation has evolved, already in 2350 BC and 2500 BC the inter-state water war was fought between Sumerian states of Lagash and Umma. Although this was the first recorded water war, there have been around 225 various water wars all over the world through time leading up to 2010, where a protest was made in India because of the water shortage. But is not only India who is experiencing water shortage, Sydney and Kenya are in deep trouble themselves. The network Blue Planet is trying to reach out and help with different water and sanitation projects through fundraisings and they submits a comment as following: “Unsafe water is currently killing 200 children ever hour and half on the hospital beds are filled with suffering from water related illness.” This prevents children to go to school, get an education and raise the GDP of the country. Caused by this the water wars are even more likely to occur, because the big need of sufficient water and essential element of survival is running out. If this continues the water wars can be so sever that whole societies can desolve. If we take a look at 2005 and to 2030 the water stress will increase due to unsustainable use and management of the scarce resources as well as the climate changes. The number of people living in areas with severe water stress...
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