Human Impact on Water

Topics: Water, Water quality, Water supply Pages: 3 (1311 words) Published: September 6, 2012
GEO 100: 2nd Writing Assignment
May 3rd 2012

Human Impact on Water

Water is something we use every day. We drink it, brush our teeth with it, shower with is and lots of other things. Yet it is the one thing we think about the least but we have a huge impact on it. We waster lots of water every day and let nasty chemical get into the rivers and streams from which we get our water. Things we do in our everyday lives may seem as it is un-harmful, but not only are we harming the water quality we could also be harming ourselves. Simple things we do in our daily lives from leaving the water running while brushing our teeth to using fertilizers on our plants are doing more damage to us then we can imagine. The availability of water is a big issue. Many people think that since the world is mostly water, we have a never-ending supply of it. Although there is a lot of fresh water according to the book, Introduction to Geography, on page 395 “In many parts of the world… water supplies are inadequate and dwindling” Also according to Grida.No Water availability in Africa under stress due to increasing population pressure and climate change. The more people there are using the water the less water there is going to be available. Places where it is hotter (such as Africa) are going to have less water because of the hot temperature. Hot temperatures can make waters evaporate. For example if you have a bottle of water and you stick in by a window or leave it in a car when it’s really hot, the water will evaporate and you will have less. You can see it with your own eyes using the water bottle so imagine how it works on the water supply in humid countries. Also some countries are using more water than they have a supply of. This could be because they have a larger population then they have a supply of water for. The problem with the water availability is the way people are using the water. Aquifers contain groundwater and are being used much quicker than it can be...
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