Global Warming (argumentative essay)

Topics: Global warming, Earth, Climate Pages: 2 (500 words) Published: January 4, 2007
"We live in an island" and island so big that its recourses are enormous. But what if this island has limited recourses. Do we have another island to escape to? We are trapped in an island called 'Earth' with its natural environment threatened by our own results. Global warming is a major fact.

What is global warming? It is simply the warmer air getting trapped within our sky limit and in return warms the whole environment. According to several leading scientists global warming can be compared and contrasted in the following manner. For some it causes a change in the climate and environment but for others it's a total hoax.

"Richard Alley discovered something 10 years ago that made him worry the Earth's climate could suddenly shift, and it changed his life. It was a two-mile long ice core, pulled up from the center of Greenland. It contained bubbles of air that reveal what the Earth's atmosphere was like over a period of 100,000 years. The ice core showed that at one point, in as little as 10 years, the global climate had drastically changed. Soon after that discovery, climate change became a personal crusade for Alley." Richard Alley, Penn State University Glaciologist

Another article that was published was from the famous Climatologist John Christy : "It has been to analyze millions of measurements from weather satellites, looking for a global temperature trend. He's found almost no sign of global warming in

the satellite data, and is confident that forecasts of warming up to 10 degrees in the next century are wrong." University of Alabama in Huntsville

"Amazon Forest Growth Puzzles Scientists : March 10, 2004 * Forests in a remote part of the Amazon are suddenly growing like teenagers in a growth spurt. This shouldn't be happening in old, mature forests. Scientists think it might be caused by the extra carbon dioxide humans are putting in the air. As a result, some species are getting pushed out and others are taking over -- evidence that no...
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