global warming

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  • Published : January 4, 2014
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Global warming paragraph

Global warming is a pretty known topic across the globe today. Many people have different theories on why they think the temperature of the earth is changing and some have little interest at all. For me it is a very interesting topic and I find myself wanting to do something about it. I believe that the effects of global warming are definitely human created, whether it be greenhouse gasses, carbon gas emission or the mass clearing of trees, I know there is something we can do to make a change. The effects of global warming are so sad and everyone should want to make a difference in the world and try to do whatever they can to help bring balance back to this globe before it’s too late. There are tons of little daily changes that we can make to help out, for example, keeping your tires properly inflated. When your tires are properly inflated helps your gas mileage by at least three percent, which not only saves you money but also keeps twenty pounds of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere for every gallon you save. Another simple change would be using less heat and air conditioning. Setting your thermostat just two degrees higher during summer and 2 degrees lower during winter could save about two thousand pounds of carbon dioxide a year. Everyone just needs to become more educated on the topic and hopefully there will be a worldwide change that takes place and helps reduce global warming for good. I have very strong beliefs on global warming and feel that it is not a topic that people should take lightly. The global temperature has increased by about one degree Celsius throughout the twentieth century. That may not sound like a lot but many things are affected by that tiny change in numbers. Animals homes are being affected in such a negative way that they believe many animals are on the verge of extinction just from climate change alone. I strongly believe global warming is caused by humans and can be balanced out if people...
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