Global Warming Position Paper

Topics: Global warming, Carbon dioxide, Earth Pages: 4 (1403 words) Published: November 12, 2012
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9 December 2011

Global Warming: True or False?
When one encounters the concept and idea of global warming, we inquire a wide range of opinions, facts, assumptions, and philosophies. As the general population of the world, the idea of our temperature of our earth may seem meaningless to some. Although, to others global warming is a growing epidemic that is defined as the possibility of our planet becoming too warm and becoming very dangerous for human existence. So when our population is faced to deal with the concept of a possible ending of the human race, people are subjected to panic and fret. Studies do indeed show that our planet is getting warmer, but is this due to global warming entirely? Our great scientists in our country have been acquiring data for many years now, but the vote that global warming is a major epidemic is not unanimous. In fact many scientists argue strongly against the idea, and provide their own logical explanations on why our world is warming. With the two different sides of this growing proposed problem in our society today, how is one common citizen supposed to choose what they believe? No matter the amount of information provided, or how serious the matter will be, humans by general understanding will create and form their own opinions based upon what they want and choose to believe.

Global warming is attempted to be solved and thoroughly figured out by hundreds of different scientists all over the world. These men and women are entrusted with providing the population with solid facts to show whether or not the world is warming at an alarming rate or if it is not. The most common answer heard over our nation, would be that global warming does indeed exist due to us humans, and the constant gases we emit into our atmosphere. Between factories, pollution, cars, etc. this is something that would be easily proven to be true whether in a science lab or by an everyday person. These...
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