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Topics: Global warming, Pollution, Oxygen Pages: 2 (675 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Responsibility of Inventions

Inventions have shaped the growth of civilization since the beginning of time, but can an invention actually do more harm than good? Who is at fault? Should those who came up with the ideas be to blame? In answer to the first question, yes. Take gunpowder as an example; gunpowder was first used in China for entertainment, such as fireworks (Pyro universe, History of fireworks). However, when the invention went into the wrong hands, it became a weapon, which made it do more harm than good. It is not those who came up with the idea who are to blame, it is the people that use it in a deleterious way in human society.             Inventions allow people to do less work, saving time and energy. One of the greatest inventions is the automobile. People these days cannot live a normal life without a car. It is correct that this invention brings people comfort, but it also causes air pollution. Air pollution is the main contributor of global warming, and transportation vehicles are the second greatest cause of it (Planetsave). But scientists are not responsible for the consequences of their invention, because people still use cars knowing that it causes air pollution (Tutorvista, Causes of pollution). Another example is gunpowder. Gunpowder was first used in China for entertainment such as fireworks. However, the application of this product was tainted by Europeans. Once they discovered the product, due to their different way of thinking, they thought that gunpowder was meant to be used as a means of weaponry. Europeans soon produced many weapons, which began a new era of violence. Scientists are not responsible for gun violence, but it is the fault of the criminals who possess weapons (Pyro universe, History of fireworks).             Global warming is a worldwide issue. Its effect on the human race is getting worse with people constantly polluting the Earth. Usually the Earth can clean the air by itself, but air pollution has grown to...
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