Global Warming

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  • Published : May 1, 2013
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Global Warming

Recently, there have been many problems with hurricanes, heat waves, and floods. What could perchance be causing all of this? One of the main reasons there has been so many natural disasters and complications is global warming. Global warming is the rising average temperature of Earth's atmosphere and oceans due to the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect consumes greenhouse gases in the earth’s atmosphere which causes the heating of the earth and very high temperatures and causes Arctic ice to melt. Mainly, online sources were used. Due to a lot of researching I've done, I came to a conclusion and found out that the main solution to reducing global warming is to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases released in the air but first, let me explain what global warming is, the history of global warming, what population is global warming affecting, and what is being done to prevent global warming. The effects of global warming create a growing danger for the ecosystem we live in by damaging animals, coastlines, habitats, and much more. Global warming is the heating of the earth caused by the “greenhouse effect”. The greenhouse effect is the warming that happens when certain gases in the earth’s atmosphere trap heat. Some of these gases occur in nature. For example, water vapor, carbon-dioxide, and methane. Other gases are solely human-made such as the gases emitted from industrial factories. These gases let in light but keep heat from breaking out, like the glass walls of a greenhouse. First, sunlight radiates onto the surface of the earth where it is absorbed. After the sunlight is absorbed it is then emitted as heat back into the atmosphere. The Earth is enclosed by a covering of air called the atmosphere. The atmosphere is made up of various gases, such as Nitrogen, Oxygen, Argon, and Carbon dioxide. These gases act as a protective shield for the Earth and allow life to exist. Without it, everyone would be burned by the intense heat of the sun...
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