global warming

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  • Published : November 19, 2013
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Our world is dying...And we are responsible for it. How come can we not do anything about it or at least try it? We're all aware of the seriousness of this problem: CO2 emissions and other substances such as Nitrogen oxide, Hydrocarbons or Carbon Monoxide, are destroying our ozone layer and causing global warming to arise. In consequence, the greenhouse effect makes the world's temperature to reach higher levels and lead to enormous disasters such as North Pole melting, Pollution... All right then, I know that each one of you here is perfectly aware of what it is going on, and I know that you might be thinking: "There they are again, talking on and on about something that we cannot do anything about and still blaming us... buuf...How annoying and repetitive is she!" Typical thoughts, however excuse me if I say that all of you are wrong. My point is that we CAN really DO something about it, in our everyday life there are thousands of opportunities to make our world better and decrease CO2 emissions... blah blah blah... There she is again trying to save the world and trying to sell bullshit that it is no use for us neither for the world...C'mon! Wake up! We NEED, and I repeat, NEED, to open our eyes! Did you know that livestock were and are producers of CO2. Were you aware of cows and sheep's been liberators of CO2 after having oxidized organic components? I was not, and that probably surprises me as much as it surprises you. Furthermore, livestock also produces 115 tons of another contaminant component known as GAS METHANE, which is even more worse than CO2. And that is only one case among thousands more, of CO2 emission. How can we help OUR EARTH to be freed of CO2 emissions and others? Because CO2 emissions are not only due to gas and fuel been burned, but it is also caused by animals and pollution. According to environmental studies, the amount of emissions produced by person is 4,480Kg...How shocking is that! Our own kids are going to suffer what...
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