Environmental Disaster

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  • Published : October 19, 2010
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Environmental disaster is defined as a disaster to the natural environment due to human activity. Obviously, it is not an act of God. Human have forgotten that mother earth is a gift from God, to be respected and taken care of. Therefore, environment disasters issues are getting serious all over the world within these few years. Global warming is the result of human activities. Excessive amounts of greenhouse gases had been released to the atmosphere. Greenhouse gases such as carbon monoxide that emitted by vehicles and other heat trapping gases emitted by factories had aided in the global warming. This causes the climate change, consequently hasten species extinction, causes coastal flooding, lead to more frequent and severe storms such as Hurricanes and some diseases will spread such as malaria. At the moment, the effects of global warming on sea levels are clearly accelerating. On the other hand, the environmental disaster for instance, the Gulf of Mexico oil spill along the U.s coast at June 1979 had endangered the sea life. The immediate effects of toxic had interrupted the food chain on which fish and others wildlife such as mammals, reptiles, birds, and amphibians that live near the ocean were also poisoned. Long term ecological effects that destroy the marine organic substrate are also harmful to wildlife, so species populations may decrease. Everyone has a role to play in safeguarding the environment. We can affect changes in our lifestyles, home and places of work. For example, we should cut down on electricity consumption, switch off lights and fans when not in use. We should also refrain from other practices that harm environment for instance open air burning, illegal logging etc. Instead, we should go green by supporting recycled products and reduce purchase of unnecessary product which generates toxic wastes. Conclusion, environment disasters are due to human activities. Safeguarding the environment demands sacrifice and responsibility. In...
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