Global Warming

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Small Steps for a Bigger Change

Realize it or not, we are now facing a serious crisis on our nature; the crisis of global warming. Global warming itself is a term used to describe the change of the temperature of the earth that can finally change the climate on earth. We have known it for a long time that our earth is becoming hotter year by year. There are a lot of things that can cause global warming. Air pollution is one of the causes that can increase the effect of global warming. Air pollution is caused by certain gases which pollute the air such as carbon dioxide (CO2), sulfur dioxide, methane, CFC (chlorofluorocarbons), carbon monoxide (CO), aerosol, and nitrogen dioxide. Some of these gases are already in the atmosphere; some are produced by human activities. To prevent the condition of the air from getting worse, there are some solutions we can do from now; small steps for a bigger change. This essay will explain the solutions we can do to reduce the air pollution.

The first solution to reduce air pollution is by using vehicles wisely. The use of vehicles can produce gases causing air pollution such as carbon monoxide (CO). “It is largely made up of pollutants emitted from fuel-burning vehicles, factories, waste incineration, smoking, and more.” (Simmons, 2013). To reduce the use of private vehicles, we can start to use public transports such as city buses. The use of public transports will reduce the burning of fossil fuels. Another alternative is by riding a bicycle. Not all people are accustomed to ride a bicycle to go to work, campus, or to do daily activities outside of the house. They prefer to ride their cars or motorcycles because these are faster. However, riding a bicycle is one of the effective ways to reduce air pollution because bicycles are more eco-friendly rather than cars, motorcycles, buses, or even other public transports.

The second solution we can do is not to use...
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