Global Crime Analysis

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  • Published : March 1, 2013
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Global Crimes Analysis
Valerie Johnson
February 25, 2013
Alan Hazen

Global Crimes Analysis
Global Crimes Analysis
Global Crimes Analysis will allow individuals to understand everything that involves crime around the world as it relates to the least of the most dangerous crime committed. The United States crime rate is a known fact learned through news media, newspapers, and online news information. With the United States’ prison population it is evident that an overwhelming amount of crime committed as well as what the global crime rate is over the world. Unfortunately, crime occurs everywhere in the world where ever people are, which does affect the justice system internationally. In this paper, the identification of various major global crimes and criminal issues that have a global impact on national and international justice systems and processes will evolve as the report proceeds. A comparison and contrast of various international criminal justice systems and how these major global crimes and criminal issues addressed will emerge.

Identification of Various Major Global Crimes
Various major global crimes are spreading across the country, which is a phenomenon of an increasing globalization of criminal acts. Consider the following crimes:
• Ecstasy, the drug manufactured mainly in the Netherlands trafficked to the United States among other countries, Israeli sophisticated crime groups.
• Viruses created just for computers sent from the Philippines caused computers to crash with numerous United States government entities for a week long.
• A prominent United States’ bank found Russian organized crime groups were laundering money.
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