Criminal Justice Trends

Topics: Crime, Police, Criminal justice Pages: 3 (889 words) Published: December 16, 2012
Criminal Justice Trends

Aarron Buzzard

December 9, 2012

CJA 484

Keith Carr

Trends are a fact of life, and they happen in every facet of it. Trends in cloths, cars, home decor, music, and many other things happen all of the time. They continually changing from one to the next and they do not stick around for long. This is no different in the criminal justice system, more specifically in law enforcement, trends change constantly in policies and procedures all of the time. The more time goes on the more politically correct the world is becoming, which means it is harder for law enforcement to do their jobs. These days anyone and everyone is so easily offended and so sue happy that police are under the microscope constantly. Then the media blows each and every situation out of proportion and discredits the integrity and the reputation of all police to where they are not respected by their respective area that they are assigned too. Past trends in law enforcement have been having a general distinction for certain crimes, black and white, per say. If you committed a crime against certain people it was just the nature of the crime. According to Abt. Associates Inc. (2000), “Consequently, in 1990 Congress passed the Hate Crime Statistics Act that defined what constitutes a hate crime and established a reporting requirement. Local jurisdictions enacted similar laws; as of 1999, 24 States and the District of Columbia had their own data collection statutes. Laws have also been passed to enhance penalties for bias-motivated violence and intimidation” (Hate Crimes – A Newly Targeted Offense). The biggest trend presently in law enforcement is the use of technology; by means of communication or locating a criminal. Technology has boomed in the past 10 years and now days it is continually evolving everyday. New product come out every day making to past versions obsolete, and this directly effecting law enforcement. Law...
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