Geothermal Energy

Topics: Geothermal power, Geothermal heating, Alternative energy Pages: 2 (496 words) Published: May 5, 2011

Geothermal energy is one of energy source types. Geothermal is energy that is gotten from deep of the earth and close parts of the magma with hotwater and its vapour. It is claimed that is useful and practically energy. Geothermal energy sources are argued that is better than other types in variety topics. Despite the fact that geothermal energy have various advantages ; cost, location problems and safety should be considerably reasons which are not geothermal energy prefferring. It has been argued that geothermal energy sources have low cost but geothermal energy, owing to this circumstance, has less decreased profit than other sources. Geothermal energy sources are claimed that has low cost. Putatunda claims that geothermal energy doesn’t require a alternative source such as coal and oil. Besides, this energy type doesn’t need a structure or a investigation. However, geothermal energy, despite its low cost, hasn’t enough profit. Swain said that ‘Sometimes the locations may temporarily run out of steam for mounths, so the power plant will not have enough energy to generate electricity,’(2007). In short, cost of geothermal energy is lower than other energy sources , but its profit is considerably the lowest. Some claimed that because of the fact that geothermal energy doesn’t require a structure, this energy type hasn’t location problem, but geothermal energy systems are based on only suitable locations. Putatunda claims that this energy type doesn’t need a build, which is gathering power such as windmill or solar system, to generate electricity or warm. Nevertheless, geothermal energy systems are constructed specific regions. Swain claims that geothermal energy systems are builded suitable areas which have too low quantity(2007). Moreover, this areas is not appropriate to remove sources. Swain states ‘Oftentimes the source of heat is far too deep for this method very well,’(2007). In brief, geothermal energy is...
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