Genarel Banking Operation of Rupali Bank Ltd

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Chapter - 1

1.1 Background of the Study

After completion of all the required courses of BBA program under International Islamic University Chittagong, it is an indispensable part of the study to get involved in a practical professional environment. I had joined with The Rupali Bank Ltd., Local Office, Dhaka for a three months period. Local Office, Dhaka, is the main branch of The Rupali Bank Ltd., and it performs the entire banking activities including General Banking, Loan & Advance and Foreign Trade Financing. As a result, one can easily learn all the simple and intricate banking operations from the activities of this branch. So I select Rupali Bank Ltd., Local Office, Dhaka, as sampling area to prepare this internship report. This report is the output of my practical experience which I gathered during intern life.

1.2 Origin of the Report

Theoretical sessions alone cannot make a business student efficient and perfect in handling the real life business situation. Therefore it is important for a student to comprehend the application of theoretical knowledge in practical fields through Internship program. This program may be divided into two phases:

*Organizational part: To introduce the internee with the structure, functions, and performance of the organization.

*The project part: Pertaining to a particular problem or a searching topic matching with internee’s capacity, interest of the organization’s requirements.

1.3 Objectives of the Study

* Get the knowledge about report writings. To make a study (theoretical & practical) and prepare a report that reflects our understandings and knowledge attained during the period.

* To know about the products and services of commercial bank in Bangladesh. * To examine General Banking activities of the commercial bank as well as Rupali Bank. * To examine the cash management process by a commercial bank as well as Rupali Bank. * To examine the overall performance of Rupali Bank Local Office Branch. * To make some findings and put forward some recommendations.

1.4 Methodology of the Study

The needed for conducting the study have been collected from the primary sources as well as secondary sources. In collecting the necessary data, care has been taken so that all the variables that may in some way can’t affect the objectives of the study. The information that I used in this study is collected from the following sources:

Primary data sources:

*Personal interview with the employees
*Practical desk work
*Face to face conversation with the client

Secondary data sources:

*Bulletin published by the bank
*Annual statement of the bank
*Previous research books and journals
*(Different books about banking

1.5 Scope and Rationale of the study

The main focus of the study is “General Banking” of RBL". The topic is fixed. But the report has tried to cover overview of RBL objectives, functions, management, business policy and other things. This report has also mentioned some problems of RBL’s Operating systems and its solutions. The empirical part includes only the published information and current practices of the Rupali Bank Limited.

1.6 Limitations of the Report

Like every other studies, I too faced some constraints during my project period which otherwise would have enabled me in making my study more appropriate and logical. The limitation is from both side the bank as well as myself. The followings are some of the shortcoming, I came across:

*I had to go to almost every Department of RBL as part of the internship program. There is a very short span of time to get in-depth knowledge about a massive organization like RBL. *Officials of RBL maintain a very busy schedule. So they are not always able to provide enough time to enlighten the internee students every time, even if they had the intention to do so. *The area covered by the report " General banking” of RBL...
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