Report: Banks of India and Performance Appraisal

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Submitted for the fulfillment for the award of
(Sikkim Manipal University)

(SESSION: 2009-2010)

|Submitted To: |Under the Guidance of: | |Mr. Pankaj Upadhyay |Mr. Pankaj Upadhyay | |Lecturer |Lecturer | |Sikkim Manipal University |Sikkim Manipal University |

Submitted By:
Ekta Bhatia
MBA IV Semester
Roll No. 510919106


I, Ekta Bhatia, hereby declare that the project titled ““PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL” IN BANKING SECTOR” is my own work and efforts which is completed under the supervision of Mr. Pankaj Upadhyay, senior lecturer of IIMT Management College, Meerut

The Research report has been submitted to Sikkim Manipal University, Centre 2017, New Delhi for the purpose of Research Report under the compliance of fulfillment of Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.).

Date: Ekta Bhatia Place: MBA-4th Sem. Roll No.: 510919106

List of contents

➢ Preface

➢ Acknowledgement

➢ Objective Of The Study

➢ About The Study

➢ Scope Of The Study

➢ Research Methodology

➢ Introduction To Banking Sector

➢ HRM Approach

➢ “Performance Appraisal” – A Systematic Approach

➢ ICICI Bank – Company Profile

➢ Needs And Importance Of “Performance Appraisal” In Banking

➢ “Performance Appraisal” And Performance Management In ICICI Bank

➢ Banner Corporation Banks On Halogen For Talent And Learning And Performance Management (For Practical Understanding)

➢ Conclusion

➢ Suggestion And Recommendation

➢ Bibliography


This study is done for fulfillment of the requirement of Sikkim Manipal University to obtain the degree of Master of business management. In this study, we strive to find out the implication of “Performance Appraisal” in banking sector.

Banking sector is one of the emerging sectors of India; we strive to find out what is the importance of HR in banking industry in specific with “Performance Appraisal”.

In this report we discuss the banking industry, HR overview, need of “Performance Appraisal” in banks, Indian banking scenario, techniques and approaches of “Performance Appraisal” pertaining to the banking industry. As we know that in present scenario of cut throat competition in banking industry only the service is the factor that can make sense in banking industry, we try to explore the importance of the “Performance Appraisal” in banking to uplift the standard of organization, individual and both as a mutual entity


I would like to thank Mr.Pankaj Upadhyay for his guidance & support with his valuable inputs & knowledge.

I would like to thank my colleagues, friends, and family members for their support, guidance and active contribution that helped me a lot to collect secondary data and preparing this report

Once again thanks to all for providing me your direct and indirect support for my research work and help in writing the report


0bjective of the Study

➢ To understand the concept of HR in special reference of “Performance Appraisal”...
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